You walked down the lane this morning to catch the bus, but Casper left his lunch in the house, so I drove it down. School was delayed by 2 hours thanks to the snow and it was pretty cold. So I told you all to jump in and wait in the suburban. I love those funny times of everyone trying to say shocking things to see if you can make me laugh. It normally works.

You have gotten to the point that when I tell you to hang your head out the window while waiting for the bus on a snowy morning you don't even question it. (Taken through the window of the vehicle.)

The idea of snapping a picture in the snow is better than the reality. We had a good laugh together at how angry you look in most of the pictures. This is the best of the lot.

I am not happy that you are sick, but I I do love the long, cozy indoor days of taking care of you. You are so sweet about it and so appreciative. It makes it impossible to tell you no when you request things like root beer floats to make you feel better.

You went for a haircut over in Indiantown Gap and we were driving home when I swung in here, knowing I needed a picture for today. You were a good sport as I had you try various poses. I ended up liking this one best. Thank you for being fun to be around and for putting up with all of my funny requests. 

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