There is nothing like a snow day and moving all of the furniture out of the living room for a good cleaning to inspire a dance party. You love twirling in front of the bright windows and I love watching you. Your laughter is contagious as you twirl until you can't stay upright anymore.

You love the familiar. You like to know what to expect and how it's going to work out. Going on a bus with an uncertain schedule for the weekend doesn't appeal to you naturally, but you jumped right on it and found a place for your luggage and yourself. I hope your tour is wonderful!

We went to Horning's, the local Mennonite dent and bent store, to get snacks for your choir tour this weekend. I'm proud of you for the way you have joined this choir and stayed with it even through basketball season. I hope the tour is amazing! You are definitely well set with snacks. I made sure of that!

You have such hugely swollen nodes in your neck that swallowing and opening your mouth is difficult, but you have been mostly sweet and happy through it all. To me strep sounds like a pretty big deal, but you make it look not-too-bad. I love you, sweetheart and love the extra time with you while you recover.

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