I am taking a Photoshop class and just learned how to replace backgrounds. I used the stone wall from my Monday photo shoot behind the baby from my Friday shoot. Pretty proud of this right here. :)

This little guy didn't really love getting his picture taken and, even though he tried, he looked so stressed in his pictures until we put the chicks on his lap. That is when we got natural smiles.

This is your happy place, sweet husband of mine. I love listening to the choir, but I love watching you even more. I love that you take the time for this just because it is soul-food for you.I love that you model for our children that, even in the busiest seasons of life, you have to find worthwhile ways to fill your cup. 

There is nothing like a snow day and moving all of the furniture out of the living room for a good cleaning to inspire a dance party. You love twirling in front of the bright windows and I love watching you. Your laughter is contagious as you twirl until you can't stay upright anymore.

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